Customization is the process of making a wig or lace piece look realistic and scalp like. It includes bleached knots, additional plucking, and optional baby hair. All of our wigs are customized and ready to wear. Customization ensures the most natural look possible while keeping the lifespan of your wig in mind. Hairlines are plucked just enough to extend the life of your wig while still achieving a very realistic look. Baby hair is totally optional. It's your preference! If you opt for baby hair, short hairs are cut into the perimeter of the wig (front and back). The baby hairs are set into the hairline and can be shaped to your preference or brushed back into the hairline for a "no baby hair" look. Customized wigs are deep conditioned prior to shipping.

Please note, bleaching and plucking can shorten the lifespan of any wig. Customization gives the most natural, scalp like look available. We recommend sealing the knots on your wig to prevent shedding. You can seal the knots by spraying the back of the lace with a holding spray or knot sealer (Top Loc on Amazon is great) 


If you prefer your wig be plucked heavily, more or less baby hair, feel free to leave a note at checkout. 




Our speciality is providing luxury quality hair and wigs that are easy to be installed with a natural finish thanks to our high quality lace and customization techniques. All that needs to be done is to have your wig, frontal, or closure installed by a BOMB stylist! We recommend having a talented stylist install your hair to ensure it’s done properly and that you’re happy with the outcome. However, our wigs are easy to install yourself if you're an experienced wig wearer. Our wigs come with adjustable straps in the back allowing you to wear it glueless or with your favorite adhesive. You may opt for an elastic band if you prefer a more snug fit or want to wear your wig 100% glueless with no sprays or adhesive.