Lace Tint Set

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Product Description

Our Lace Finish lace tint spray for lace wigs, frontals, and closures was designed to help your lace look like skin!  These quick, pigmented, and buildable sprays are the easy way to tint your lace to blend into your skin and make the lace disappear! Specially formulated in-house, these tints provide the perfect finish to any lace piece.


✅ Antibacterial properties

✅ Pigmented

✅ Buildable

✅ Can be mixed to create custom shades


Size: 8 oz

Includes 3 shades:


  • CARAMEL MACCHIATO-suits yellow and tan caramel complected skin tones
  • BROWN SUGAR- suits medium brown skin with red undertones
  • SWISS CHOCOLATE- suits deep brown skin tones


Directions: The knots should be bleached prior to tinting to achieve the best results. Shake well. Turn on the spray nozzle. Evenly apply a layer to the back of dry lace. Let air dry or blow dry the lace for a few seconds. Build layers for darker shades of a certain tint. 


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